Life of an Angry Bee

I'm Kim Cordova, and welcome to "Life Of An Angry BEE," my podcast. On this show, I gather with cherished companions to engage in conversations about life, relationships, and the realm of business. Together, we embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of what lies ahead in our lives.

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A New Venture

Empowering Female Leaders

This is my new venture. It is a platform to empower female leaders. I am currently going through a shift within my company and want to create a supportive environment for others going through major shifts in their lives. Being a female in leadership is a responsibility that sometimes gets overwhelming, having a community of women that you are easily accessible and supportive is an essential component in leadership as a woman. Life of an angry bee is in a podcast format, but also a lifestyle that I am embracing so that I can continue to support my community of female leaders.

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